4-3000T storage silo engineering process in building industry

With the vigorous development of civil engineering in the world, no matter from the aspects of land saving, storage quality or environmental protection, the storage of materials in the construction industry has become an urgent problem for enterprises all over the world.

Introduction to screw silo:

Made of high quality hot dip galvanized steel sheet (galvanized specification can be: 275g/㎡, 350g/㎡, 450g/㎡). Processing and production units are the latest technology units with strong rigidity, high precision. The diameter range of the screw bin can range from 4m to 22m, the height of the straight barrel section can range from 2m to 20m, and the storage volume can range from 40m3 to 8000m3.

The interior of the silo can be configured with temperature measuring system, ventilation system, material level system and circulation fumigation system according to customer requirements.

Silos can be divided into: corn steel silos, soybean steel silos, wheat steel silos, barley steel silos, sorghum steel silos, soybean meal steel silos, sawdust steel silos, biomass pellet steel silos; At the same time, our company can customize the production of flour steel silos, cement steel silos, building materials steel silos;

According to the form of conical bottom, silos can be divided into: concrete flat bottom steel silos, concrete cone bottom steel silos, steel structure support silos (single silo capacity should be less than 1500T);

4-3000t silo engineering process of building materials industry:

Unloading system storage system (air chute, fluidized bed) silo system

4-3000T storage silo engineering process in building industry

Project introduction:

This project is a 4-3000t cement storage project in the building materials industry. The process features are as follows:

1. The main materials in the steel silo are: cement, the silo type is a spiral silo. the diameter is ¢14m. The height of the straight section is 16m, and the foundation form is a concrete flat-bottomed foundation;

2. Main process flow: Discharge -- storage (air chute, fluidized bed) -- silo exit;



Project Description:

(1) The unloading section is double-sided unloading, and the unloading grid screen is the truck load-bearing model;

(2) The storage section is 4-3000t cement screw silo, and the silo input is 50TPH;

 Features of the engineering process design:

(1) Adopt air chute type silo input;

(2) The mode of fluidized bed silo output is adopted;

(3) The base of silo bottom is designed in the form of concrete flat bottom.

Other instructions:

For different projects, different customer requirements, different processes, the following is the specific engineering options:

(1) Pneumatic conveying system is optional for the feeding system (applicable to small silo and slow feeding speed)

(2) Pneumatic conveying system can also be used for the discharging system;

(3) welding bin can be selected for small bin;

(4) Large cone angle can be selected for the mode of silo exit (suitable for small silos);

(5) Cement silo can be only chosen screw bin or welded bin.

4-3000T storage silo engineering process in building industry

4-3000T storage silo engineering process in building industry


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