Introduction of 4-3000T storage silo engineering process in grain industry

  In the past two years, China has become a strong country in the grain industry from a large grain country. Due to the large changes in the external economic environment and the frequent adjustments in domestic agriculture and grain policies, the storage of the grain industry has become a problem that urgent need to be solved. As a result, our company has specially designed storage projects for various grain industries such as corn silo, soybean silo, sorghum silo, wheat silo, barley silo, and paddy silo, etc.

Brief introduction of process flow diagram:

Dumping system → Cleaning systems → Storage system(ventilation system, temperature measuring system) → discharging system

Introduction of 4-3000T storage silo engineering process in grain industry

Raw materials:

Generally speaking, the raw materials for grain storage industry are corn, soybean, sorghum, wheat, barley and paddy, etc.

 Brief introduction of process sections :

Silo inputting system:

According to customer requirements, the grain dumping part of the 4-3000T silo project in the grain industry has two types: unilateral unloading and double unloading; the dumping grid is divided into on-board type and non-on-board type, and the three-dimensional diagram is double-sided non-on-board type, the dust removing equipment is configured according to local or customer requirements.

Cleaning system:

The grain storage 4-3000T silo project selects different cleaning equipments, multiple materials, and parallel cleaning equipments according to the type of material stored. The three-dimensional schematic diagram is used in series with the double drum cleaner and the tubular magnet, which can effectively remove the big impurities, small impurities and fineness impurities from raw materials; if the grain is clean enough, this part can be omitted, all be designed according to customer requirements.

Storage system:

The grain industry 4-3000T silo project generally determines the size and quantity of the silo according to the customer's storage cycle time or material use period. In this three-dimensional diagram, there are four 3000T steel silos (spiral silos), and the silo type can also be made into bolted silos according to customer requirements.( See the bolted silos in other industries or other silo engineering examples), in which all exposed parts of the silo are hot-dip galvanized, and the cone bottom is the concrete cone bottom (if the storage capacity is less than 1000 tons, it can be supported by steel structure)

 The silo's internal equipped with material level indicators, temperature measurement system and ventilation system can monitor the material inside the silo in real time and effectively control the grain situation.

silo output system:

This part is designed according to customer requirements.

Remarks: Due to the commonality of the silo storage project, customers can also refer to the drawings displayed by other industries.


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