How to adjust belt deviation of bucket elevator?

Nov. 22, 2019

Bucket elevator is important material transportation equipment in our life, but when use bucket elevator, many of us will find bucket elevator belt deviation as a problem, but do you know how to adjust the belt? Today FDSP will share with you how to adjust the bucket elevator.

Bucket elevator adjustment method one: the wear of head drum roller surface, concave on the roll surface, resulting in bucket elevator belt slip and dislocation problems, this is a common problem but not easy to adjust, so for this problem, we had better find professional personnel to check and repair.

Bucket elevator adjustment method two: if we find the wear of tail wheel drum roller surface, and sag on the surface, we can consider taking off the tail wheel, and then grinding it to making the belt in the center of the surface, so that it is not easy to appear slip and wear phenomenon.

Bucket elevator adjustment method three: the belt joint did not carry out according to the requirements, causing the bucket elevator off-track, this situation will be more troublesome, we need to re-carry out the belt joint, according to the bucket elevator belt operation requirements.

Bucket elevator adjustment method four: the drum is not horizontal is also the key factor causing belt slip, so we will first place the bucket elevator on the level of the ground, at the same time the installation of the drum is also horizontal.

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