Analysis for Factors affecting the output of feed processing equipment

Apr. 18, 2020

Analysis for Factors affecting the output of feed processing equipment

There are many factors affecting the output of feed processing equipment. First, we will analyze the key factors affecting the output of pellet mill during the pelletizing process:

1. About the raw material: If the particle size of the raw material is too coarse, it will increase the wear of the ring die and the roller, and it will be difficult for pellet forming, especially for small hole ring die, and it may affect the material gelatinization effect, resulting in low yield, high material consumption and high powder percentage for pellets. Therefore, for different feed formulas, different raw material varieties,  we need to adopt different mixing time base on actual situation to make the mixing uniformity coefficient up to 5% before the granulation process.

2. If you want to achieve the ring die pellet mill's continuous working with full load under feeding flow control, then the material go into the pellet mill must fully meet the needs of the granulating, in general, when pellet mill running stable, when the feed gate is opened entirely, steam full supply, feeder rotation speed is adjusted to the rated value but main motor drive work always cannot reach the rated power, we can conclude that the incoming flow is insufficient.

3. Correct control the distance between die and roller during production operation. For the safety, the hand should be firmly held in the position of the handle of the discharge door of the machine. First, let some materials into the die, and then observe whether the particles smoothly out of the die, and always pay attention to observe the change of current. If the particles are normal but the current did not up to the rated flow, then the material flow and speed can be increased, and the corresponding increase in steam.

4. Generally speaking, the compression ratio of die ring die is related to the particle size, friction coefficient, moisture content, buffer time of plastic deformation part of material and compressibility of material between material and die wall. These characteristics are closely related to die hole diameter and hole depth. When the compression ratio is small, the length of die hole is short, the material bears little pressure in the formation process, which make it easier to extrude the ring die, therefore, the output is high, but the powder rate is high, the appearance is loose and not smooth; On the contrary, the longer the length of the hole is, the greater the pressure the material is subjected to in the die hole. The feed particles produced correspondingly have high compactness, smooth particle quality and low powder content. However, the feed processing machinery produces low output and the ton power consumption increases correspondingly. Therefore, feed manufacturers must choose the ring die with different compression ratio when produce different kind and different size of feed pellets.

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