Analysis Of Mixer Other Failure

Jul. 30, 2019

1、Door leakage

A. The air source pressure of the pneumatic three-part of the site is not enough, and the air pressure should be 0.63Mpa;

B. The wear of the shaft hole of the rocker pin will cause the door body to be closed not tight, causing the door body to leak material, and the relevant accessories must be replaced in time;

C. Leakage of the cylinder seal ring will cause the cylinder pushes the connecting rod to close the door weakly, resulting in the door body leaking, and the new cylinder seal ring must be replaced in time;

D. The rocker arm and the connecting rod are not in a straight line, and the rocker arm must be in a straight line with the connecting rod, so that the door body can be closed tightly;

E. Travel switch action is not in place will lead to the door body closed lax;

F. If the door seal is broken, it is necessary to replace the silicone seal in time;

G. Door materials accumulation leads to discharge door is not closed tightly. It is necessary to arrange time to clean the door materials accumulation regularly.

2、Mixing uniformity is not up to standard

A. The mixing time is too long or too short;

B. The particle size of the mixture varies, resulting in material grading;

C. The test method is incorrect;

3、There is abnormal noise inside the machine body

A. There are large particle impurities in the materials;

B. The rotor blades collide with the inner wall of the machine slot;

C. The chain is loose, the tooth misalignment causes the blade to collide;

D. The bottom wall of the machine slot is materials blocked.

Analysis Of Mixer Other Failure

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