Causes and solutions of abnormal vibration of hammer mill during production

Mar. 26, 2021

Driven by the breeding industry and feed processing industry, the feed machinery industry has developed vigorously, and the feed hammer mill has also been continuously developed.

In order to improve the stability of the hammer mill production process, to help customers continuous production, we are now based on many years of experience, introduce to you some common faults and troubleshooting methods. Today let’s talk about the abnormal vibration of the machine.

Causes and solutions of abnormal vibration of hammer mill during production

(1)The hammer mill and the motor are directly connected together, if in the assembly process, various reasons caused the motor rotor and the crusher rotor different heart, there will be abnormal vibration when the feed hammer mill works. In this case, you can move the left and right position of the motor, or add a pad at the bottom of the motor to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.

(2)The shaft and the bearing of the hammer mill will be worn after long-term use, so that the two supporting seats of the supporting shaft are different, and the vibration will occur when working. Thin copper leather can be padded at the bottom of the supporting bearing seat, or adjustable wedge iron can be added at the bottom of the bearing seat to ensure that the two bearing seats are concentric.

Causes and solutions of abnormal vibration of hammer mill during production

(3)Part of the crushing chamber vibration is large, and the main reason is that the coupling selection is improper. The core of it is different from that of hammer mill rotor, which will occur vibration. Or the quality of the slices inside of the rotor is not uniform. Take the corresponding method to adjust the coupling and motor connection according to different types of coupling; When replacing the new slices, the quality difference of each group shall not be greater than 5 g to maintain the static balance and prevent the unit from vibration.

(4)Hammer slices broken or hard debris are in the crushing chamber. These will cause the disequilibrium of the rotor rotation of the hammer mill, which causes the vibration of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly. For the hammer slices with serious wear, it should be replaced in time and replaced symmetrically. If there is abnormal sound in the operation of the hammer mill, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the cause should be dealt with in time.

(5)The grinding system is not connected correctly with other facilities. For example, the feeding pipe and the discharging pipe etc. are improper connection, will also cause vibration and noise. So these connection parts should not be hard connection,  soft connection should be better.

(6)The anchor bolt of the hammer mill is loose or the foundation is not firm. When adjusting and maintaining, the anchor bolts should be tightened evenly, and shock absorbers can be installed between the foundation and the crusher to reduce vibration.

(7)The hammer mill is a high-speed rotating machine. After maintenance, disassembly, assembly and parts replacement, it should be put into action balance test to ensure the overall balance performance of the machine.

In addition, due to improper operation and maintenance in the production process, common problems such as blockage, bearing overheating, back spray at the feed port will occur, which will be discussed in the following tweet.

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