Common faults and troubleshooting of feed hammer mill

Mar. 31, 2021

Last time we talked about the causes of abnormal vibration of the hammer mill and its elimination methods. Today, we will continue to introduce some other common faults and solutions of the feed mill to you. The correct operation and maintenance of staff is the key to the normal production of equipment.


There are three reasons for the blockage of the hammer mill: one is that the water content of the raw material too high; Second is the hammer slices crack and screen damage; Third is the improper operation. When the hammer mill is blocked, it will not only affect productivity, if it is serious blockage, but also make the motor overload, or even burn out the motor. It should be stopped immediately and repaired according to the following methods:

(1) Check whether the feeding speed is too fast. If so, the door should be immediately reduced or closed, you can also adjust the feeding device to control the amount of feed. There are two kinds of feeder, automatic and manual. Both feeders can prevent blockage, but the automatic feeder is much more expensive than the manual feeder, the user can choose according to the specific situation.

(2)Check whether the conveying equipment is properly matched. When the feed pipeline is blocked, the discharge port should be dredged first. Replace the mismatched conveying equipment, and then the appropriate adjustment of the feeding amount, so that the normal operation of the equipment.

(3) Check whether the water content of raw materials is too high. The water content of the crushed material should be less than 14%. The material with too high moisture content shall not be fed into the hammer mill.

(4) Check whether the screen is closed or broken. If so, repair or replace it. The screen is made of sheet steel. When the screen is worn or broken down by a foreign body, if the damaged surface is not large, the method of riveting and welding repair can be used to repair; If a large area of damage, should be replaced with a new screen.

Common faults and troubleshooting of feed hammer mill

2.bearing too hot

Bearing overheating is generally caused by improper bearing assembly, poor lubrication, serious wear and so on. Bearing is an important part of hammer mill, and it is also a wearing part. During the operation, when the bearing overheating occurs, it should be stopped for inspection and repaired or replaced in the following ways:

(1)Check that the height of the two bearing pedestals is consistent. If the two bearing pedestal is unbalanced, or the motor rotor is different from the hammer mill rotor, the bearing will be overheated due to the impact of additional load. At this time should immediately stop the machine, find out the cause and adjust its concentricity.

(2)Check whether the bearing pedestal and bearing fit properly. If it is too tight or too loose, it should be stopped for maintenance. Remove bearings for reassembly.

(3)Check whether the lubricating oil in the bearing is dry. Whether the new lubrication is too much or too little, whether the quality of the lubricating oil is in line with the standard. Lubricating oil should be added according to the instructions, and the amount of filling is generally appropriate to account for 2/3 of the space of the bearing chamber.

(4)Inspect whether the bearings is seriously worn or damaged. If serious, should be replaced, and pay attention to strengthen lubrication. Tapered roller bearings should be paid attention to check the axial clearance of bearings, which should be about 0.3 mm, if less than 0.2 mm or greater than 0.4 mm, can be adjusted by adding or subtracting the gasket at the bearing cover.

3.Backjet at feed port

Feed hammer mill inlet reverse spray show that the machine inside is serious blocked. The main reasons are: improper throttle adjustment, pipeline blockage, powder collection bag is too short or poor air permeability, hammer slices damage, etc.. When the hammer mill has the reverse spray fault at the feed port, firstly find out the reason, and then carry out targeted maintenance:

(1)Check whether the throttle opening is suitable.If not, adjust the damper to clear the blockage.

(2)Check whether the powder bag meets the standard.If not in line with the standard, can replace the powder bag, increase air permeability.

(3)Check whether the hammer slice is normal. If the sharp angle of the hammer slice is blunt, it can be used by reverse Angle adjustment. If two corners of one end are worn, it can be used by turning. All hammer slices should be performed at the same time when turning Angle or head. If the four corners of the hammer slices are all worn, it should be replaced.

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