Daily maintenance of steel silo

Nov. 18, 2020

LIANGYOU STEEL SILO has excellent performance and long service life. It is suitable for grain, feed, oil, flour, brewing, building materials, chemical industry, port environmental protection and other industrial fields. At the same time, the production time is short, Save Time and cost; small area, easy to build; light weight, high strength, many advantages are supported by the majority of industries.

In the use of steel silo, we also need to do a good job of routine maintenance.


One, the maintenance of silo top

1. Check regularly whether the top cover plate is in good condition, fasten the bolt and check whether repair the top platform in regular, in order to prevent the feed hole, the platform plate, the rainproof ring leakage, the component surface rust spots, such as rust spots should be handled in time. Periodically check the welding seam of the whole welded top of the silo, and determine the necessary anticorrosion treatment according to the inspection. 

2. Inspect the process holes (including vent holes, manholes, temperature measuring holes, seats, etc.) regularly for external corrosion and leakage

Second, the maintenance of silo body

1. Every time the steel silo is filled or emptied, the wall of the silo should be checked to see if there is any deformation. The sensitive parts, such as the supporting legs, should be carefully observed, and the inspection records should be well kept. Check the corrosion of the silo wall every year, according to the inspection of the silo wall anti-corrosion treatment.

2, each time after reducing the silo, check the body, door sealing is good, silo door around whether there is a cracking phenomenon, check the reinforcement and Warehouse Wall Connection. If the BIN is a cone bottom, the root of the cone should be inspected, according to the inspection of the cone for corrosion or other treatment.

3.Check the installation bolts of the climbing ladders against loosening every year, and check whether the materials used are damaged, anticorrosion or other treatment according to the inspection.

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