Energy Saving of Feed Processing Machinery

Jul. 24, 2020

One. The power transmission of feed processing machinery

Feed machinery and equipment transmit power through transmission devices such as bearings, reducers, and transmission belts. Therefore, we must first ensure the normal operation and lubrication of the transmission devices to reduce power loss during the transmission process to achieve energy-saving effects.

1. Select the appropriate type of lubricant and usage amount to ensure that the feed equipment has a good working environment and condition.

2. Keep the transmission belt at an appropriate degree of tension, replace worn-out transmission belts, and use pulleys that match the transmission belt.

3. Avoid the vibration of the transmission equipment caused by the slack of the chain, and keep the chain at a proper tightness.

4. Keep the transmission device clean and free of dirt and waste accumulation to avoid local excessive heat collection. Allow the air around the gear reducer to flow freely.

5. When the equipment must work at more than one speed, use AC variable frequency transmission instead of mechanical and adjustable belt transmission.

6. Use as little as possible or avoid the use of pneumatic conveying systems.

Two. The part of Chicken feed crumbler

1. Change the direction of the hammer or replace the hammer and cloth bag in time to improve the crushing efficiency.

2. Keep the negative pressure of the air assist system in good condition to increase output. After the pulse fan stops, the pulse cloth bag will be cleaned in a delay. Ensure that the cloth bag is clean, which can increase the use time of the cloth bag and increase the efficiency of the fan.

3. Use a variable speed feeder to feed the materials evenly and maintain a constant load on the crusher.

4. In the fine pulverization operation, mixing difficult to pulverize and easy to pulverize raw materials for pulverization can improve the pulverization efficiency.

5. Add grading equipment after initial crushing and fine crushing to reduce the excessive crushing of raw materials.

Chicken Feed Crumbler

Chicken Feed Crumbler

Three, the Animal feed mixing machine and the mixing machine

1. Improve the operation skills and coordination level of central control personnel. When the operator receives the task at work, he/she shall decide the feeding type, sequence and quantity of the feeding personnel according to the production task list, the number of raw materials in the distribution warehouse and the capacity of the warehouse, so as to ensure that the mixer works continuously and will not stop production due to the breaking of certain raw materials. Reasonable feeding will ensure that the crusher in a certain period of time the number of start-ups, empty operation time is the shortest; When granule and concentrate are produced at the same time, it is important to determine the appropriate switching time to maintain the continuous production of pelletizer with continuous feeding and mixing function. If the central control personnel operation is not skilled, low coordination ability, the production process will inevitably appear production is not smooth or due to the break and so on the number one problem. Therefore, improving the operation and coordination level of central control personnel is an important aspect of improving production efficiency.

2. A variable frequency variable speed controller is used for the screw feeder to keep the motor load stable and efficient operation.

3. The design of the silo and weighing hopper shall ensure that the material is discharged completely by self-flow, without the use of vibration discharging or mechanical discharging or mechanical discharging device.

4. Correctly set the batching and mixing cycle, and reasonably arrange manual feeding and liquid adding to improve the efficiency of batching and mixing.

Poultry Feed Pellet Machine

Four, feed pellet machine part

1. When purchasing the loop mold and the sieve mesh of the Poultry feed pellet machine, the opening rate should be improved as far as possible under the premise of ensuring the intensity, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce power consumption.

2. Reasonable control of production, reasonable adjustment of mold roll clearance, improve pelleting efficiency and extend the life of ring mold and roller.

3. Timely use of the ring mold repair machine to repair the ring mold and improve the pelleting production efficiency.

4. Adjust or replace the blade of the granulator modulator, add a stirring rod to the modulator, improve the modulator effect, and improve the production efficiency.

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