How to extend the service life of steel silo?

Jul. 11, 2020

As an advanced and popular modern storage equipment, steel barns are constantly expanding their application in the industry due to their various excellent performances. FDSP Steel Silo machinery and engineering is applicable to grain, feed, grease, flour, brewing, building materials, chemical, port environmental protection and other industrial fields, The steel silo engineering can provide customers with a spiral silo with single 50-6000T, assembly silo with single 10-10000T, and 50-1000T/H large transportation projects. 

Steel Silo

So how to extend the service life of steel silo during the use? Here FDSP will explore this together with you:

1、Often check whether the silo wall deformation, pay attention to strengthen the bolt connection between the silo wall. If bolts are found to have fallen off, reinstall them in time.

2、After the silo are finished discharging and be empty, do not forget to check the tightness of the silo, and if the door frame and adjacent side panels have deformation or cracks. If any abnormal situation is found, appropriate measures should be taken in time. In addition,  to check if there is an abnormal cone joint part and then solve it.

3、If welding deformation and welding cracks are found, stop feeding temporarily to prevent the occurrence of accidents

4、In addition, check the top of the silo once a month for missing, loose, or damage of silo top open ring, process holes, or bolt connections.

5、Also check the appearance for corrosion, if any, report immediately and initiate a solution.

6、Outside of the steel silo is equipped with a straight ladder, the user also needs to regularly check the mounting bolts of the straight ladder, check whether there is any loosening, to avoid some hidden dangers.

Above are some small tips given by FDSP, FDSP has a team of professionals engaged in steel silo design, manufacturing, installation, and management of steel silo engineering, specializing in steel silo machine and storage system technology research, development, design, and construction. Advanced equipment, complete supporting, suitable for the production and installation of various steel silos.

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