Importance and Correct Choice of Conditioner in Feed Processing

Sep. 09, 2020

Conditioning is a process of water heat treatment for powdery material before granulation of pellet feed and is also one of the important factors affecting the quality of pellet feed. With the improvement of the market requirements for the quality of pellet feed, feed processing enterprises are paying more and more attention to the conditioning process in feed processing. To improve and upgrade the conditioning equipment is one of the important methods to improve the quality of pellet feed products and enhance market competitiveness.

Importance and correct choice of conditioner in feed processing

The role of conditioner in pellet feed processing
1. Cure the powdery material. The ability of most animals to digest starch is very low, but it can digest the cooked starch to a large extent. The conditioner can greatly increase the gelatinization degree of starch under the action of water and heat, and also promote the heat denaturation of the protein in the material. The denatured protein is easy to be enzymatic hydrolysis, thus improving the digestibility utilization rate of pellet feed.
2. Sterilize the powder material. Most pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli and salmonella are not heat-resistant, so using a conditioner to regulate the material at a certain temperature can kill these bacteria and ensure the hygienic level of feed. 

3. Conditioning equipment can significantly improve the pellet feed water resistance. In the process of conditioning, through the role of the heat and water vapor, the gelatinized starch viscosity components, denatured protein in the material can give full play to the role of the binder, binding around other components effectively. Under the extrusion of the ring die and roller, particles between getting more closely, to make pellet feed denser. Appearance is bright and clean, not easy to be eroded by water, in the process of feeding, increase the stability of the water.

4. The conditioning equipment can improve the pelletizing property of materials, increase the yield, save the energy consumption of pelletizing, and increase the life of the ring die and roller of the pellet mill. By conditioning, the material can be softened and more malleable. In the extrusion process with the hole wall, the inner wall of the die, and the outer surface of the press roller, the friction force is reduced, which avoids the conversion of a large amount of mechanical energy into heat energy during the pelleting process, and at the same time reduces the wear of the die and the press roller.

The correct choice of conditioner in the feed plant

Generally, the common livestock and poultry feed factory can choose the single shaft of the blades conditioner, to ensure about 30 seconds of conditioning time, can make starch gelatinization degree up to about 20%, basically meet the processing requirements of ordinary livestock and poultry feed. The Aquatic feed factory should choose 2 layers or 3 layers conditioner or Double shaft differential speed paddle conditioner, to ensure that the curing degree of conditioned feed reaches more than 50%.

Importance and correct choice of conditioner in feed processing

▲FDSP STZS series Double shaft Different speed Conditioner

  • Long conditioning time, high ripening degree, low noise, high yield, and low energy consumption.

  • In addition to adding steam to the material, a variety of liquids can also be added to the material.

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