Improvement Measures for Low Productivity of Hammer Mill

Oct. 16, 2020

Feed Hammer Mill

1. The moisture content of the material is too high

The water content of the material will affect the efficiency of the mill. The material with too much water is not easy to be crushed, and it is easy to block the screen hole of the screen, which seriously affects the output of the mill.

Solution: Dry or sun the material before crushing it.

2. The feeding process is not smooth or uneven

Feeding is the beginning of crushing, if there is a problem in feeding, it will seriously affect the output of the hammer mill.

Solution: Configure appropriate feeders according to the width of the crushing chamber, and check if the feeders are clogged.

3. The outlet is blocked

The plugging of the discharge port will affect the discharge speed of the hammer mill and lead to a decrease in output.

Solution: Clean the discharge port and even the residual materials in the crushing room to ensure the smoothness of the whole crushing process.

4. The problem of hammer slice

The problem of hammer slices is mainly reflected in two points, one is the serious wear of hammer slices, the other is the improper clearance of hammer slices. Hammer slice wear will lead to the hammermill can not normally crush materials; The gap of the hammer slices not suitable will result in the material not meeting the standard, and reducing the output of the mill.

Solution: replace the hammer slices or adjust the direction to use. If the particle size is required small after crushing, the space between hammer slices and screen can be reduced appropriately. If the requirement is larger, the space between hammer slices and the screen can be adjusted appropriately.

5.The screen hole size and opening rate of the screen

The screen hole size of the screen is an important factor to control the crushing particle size. When different crushing particles are needed, the screen with different sizes of holes should be replaced. Otherwise, the efficiency of crushing will be reduced or unqualified pellets will be produced. On the other hand, the hole opening rate of the screen affects the filtration rate of the screen. When the opening rate is too small, the efficiency of the hammermill will naturally decline.

Solution: Replace the appropriate hole size and hole opening rate of the screen.

6.The configuration problem of fan

The rotor of the Feed hammer mill will form the low-pressure area in the crushing chamber during working. The material under the influence of atmospheric pressure is not easy to fly out from the crushing chamber. The purpose of the configuration of the fan is also to form a low-pressure area artificially at the outside of the crushing chamber.  Pressure difference disappears inside and outside of the crushing chamber, material discharging speed lift up naturally.

Solution:  Configure a suitable ventilation network for the hammer mill.

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