Influence Of Grain Grinding Size On Feed Quality

Jun. 13, 2020

The size of the grinded grain size should be determined according to the type of raw materials, the type of animals to fed, the growth stage, and the process requirements. Too coarse or too fine particle size has disadvantages, can not reach the best production state. Now, China Feed Machinery Manufacturer will sum up the impact of grinding particle size on feed quality from the following aspects.

China Feed Machinery Manufacturer

Effect of grinded grain size on feed utilization


After grinding, the material can improve the palatability of livestock and poultry, reduce the collection time caused by chewing, affect the rest, digestion and absorption of animals, increase the consumption of feeding energy, and thus reduce the utilization rate of feed. Of course, the finer the material, is not the better. Generally, the pulverizing particle size of the material should be 0.5 ~ 2.0mm, which is different due to different breeds of livestock and poultry, feeding stages, and raw materials. Because the powder is too fine, will make the palatability of livestock and poultry become poor, make the material stuck in the mouth of livestock and poultry, and inconvenience to swallow. In the meantime, the too fine powder is easy to cause gastric ulcer of livestock and poultry. Moreover, because the grinding is too fine, it will increase the feed processing power consumption, reduce the output, increase the grinding machine and its hammer beaters, screens and other accessories wear, reduce their service life.


Effect of grinded grain size on the uniformity of feed mixture


The grinded particle size of the material affects the mixing uniformity of the feed. The smaller the average particle size of the mixed material is, the more uniform the particle size is, the slower the mixing speed will be, and the higher the mixing uniformity can be achieved, and the less grading phenomenon will occur in the subsequent transportation and storage process. On the contrary, when several materials with larger differences in particle size are mixed, the uniformity achieved by mixing is poor. Therefore, from the perspective of the mixing process, it is required that the pulverized grain size of various feedstocks be small and similar to achieve the good mixing effect and ensure product quality.

China Feed Machinery Manufacturer

Effect of grinded grain size on pelleting

The pulverized particle size of the material has a great influence on the pelleting process, pellet quality, etc. The pellet size and pellet composition of the same material are different, the pellet quality will also be different. The finer the granule of the cereal material is, the starch granule can be gelatinized more fully, and the moisture content is more uniform. At the same time, fine material can reduce the wear of ring die, can produce smoother and crack-free particles, and its pellet structure is compact,grinding rate is low. But too fine grinding will increase the grinding power consumption, reduce the hammer mill output so that the temperature of the grinded material increases. This kind of material is easy to arch in the storage bins.

The grinding granularity in the feed industry too fine or too coarse is not good. It should be based on their own actual situation to make judgments and adjustments. FDSP will share more professional information and can provide a variety of old feed factory transformation services. Welcome your attention and consultation.


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