Mixer affects feed quality and production efficiency

Sep. 30, 2020

Mixer affects feed quality and production efficiency

Feed Mixer is one of the important equipment in feed production. The quality of mixer and its daily maintenance will be related to the benefit of feed enterprises directly.

The factors affecting the mixing quality are as follows: First, the structure of the mixer; Second, the leakage of the Mixer; Third, the Mixing Time; Fourth, The mixing residue; Fifth, the maintenance.

One: The structure of the mixer

Mixer is made up of casing, rotor, discharge door, motor and so on. There are many types of feed mixer, according to the appearance can be divided into: vertical feed mixer and horizontal feed mixer. At present, the paddle mixer, which is popular in China, is one of the mixer in common use in feed mills. This kind of mixer has two types: single-shaft and double-shaft, it can make the material in the weightless state while turning and mixing the material. Paddle mixer can be equipped with  one or two discharging door which usually is big opening structure,  and the paddle mixer also can be equipped with a number of liquid adding pipes, to adapt to multiple liquid adding.

Two:The leakage of the Mixer

Because the mixer is used to sealing mixing the material which are through precision batching by the batching scale. So any leakage during mixing will directly reduce the degree of mixing uniformity, change the feed formula, so the problem of leakage is the enemy of mixer. Mixing machine leakage reasons and removal measures: 1) the seal is not strict, need to re-adjust or installation; 2) the seal is broken, need to replace the seal; 3) one the side of the discharge door has material blockage, need to clean up the accumulated material; 4) the cylinder air pressure is not enough, need to adjust the pressure to be larger than 0.5 MPA; 5) the linkage mechanism of the discharge door wear, need to replace the relevant wear parts; 6) The trip switch position is not correct, need to adjust; 7) the discharge door shift, adjust and fix in time; 8) the support Rod Shift, adjust the position to make the discharge door close.

Three:The mixing time

According to different material characteristics to the actual situation as the criteria, equipment supplier only provide as reference.

Four:The mixing residue

The residue of mixer refers to the part of mixer which remains in the body after discharging, which is mainly decided by the clearance between rotor and casing and the size of discharge door, which depends on the manufacturing quality. FDSP series mixer is made with precision and advanced technology. It not only has high mixing speed and high uniformity which has over 95% mixing uniformity.  but also adopt special designed discharging device which could discharge quickly with less residual. FDSP has won the national patent by the technology with  good sealing, ensure no material leakage.

Five: The maintenance of mixer

  • During operation, check the Compressed air line for air leakage at least once per shift, and discharge the water in the oil-water separation triplet once.

  • Check whether the discharging door leakage , whether the seal is broken,  whether the unloading link mechanism is at the dead point when door closed once every week.

  • Clean up the residual material attached to the inner wall of the buffer hopper once a week.

  • Brush the drive chain and sprocket with diesel oil once a month, and refresh the oil for the chain and sprocket.

  • Clean the nozzle once a month, and at the same time, clean the mixer inner wall and cover plate of the residual adhesive materials.

  • Make test of Coefficient of variation (CV) of material in mixer outlet and packaging outlet once a month. The product with the shortest mixing time should be selected for CV measurement.

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