Notes for key feed processing equipment using

Dec. 22, 2020


There are many kinds of feed processing equipment, among which the key equipment affecting feed granulation is nothing but hammer mill, mixer, granulator. In today’s increasingly fierce competition, many manufacturers to purchase advanced production equipment, but because the operation of the use of error, often occur equipment failure. Therefore, feed factory's  correct understanding of the use of equipment attention is not to be ignored.

1. Hammer mill

Hammer mill generally have two types: vertical and horizontal. The main components of the crusher are hammer and screen, hammer need durable wear-resisting and certain toughness, also need balanced arrangement so as not to cause vibration.

Notes for using hammer mill:

1) check the lubrication condition of the connecting parts and bearings before starting the machine, run the machine for 2-3 minutes, start feeding after normal operation, stop feeding after finish the production, and run the machine for 2-3 minutes, and then shut down the motor after all the material in the machine has been emptied.

2) Change the direction immediately when hammer abrasion reach the centerline. If all four corners are worn to the center, a new hammer piece is required. Note: The original arrangement should not be changed when changing, and the weight difference between each set of hammer pieces should not exceed 5G, otherwise it will affect the balance of the rotor.

3) The Air Net System of the hammer mill is very important to improve the efficiency of grinding and reduce the dust. Pulse filter with good performance should be chosed. After each shift, clean the inside and outside of the dust remover, remove the dust, check, clean and lubricate the bearing regularly.

4) The materials should not be mixed with iron, gravel and other sundries. If there is  abnormal sound during production , should timely shutdown and make inspection, troubleshooting.

5) the working current and the feeding amount of the feeder at the upper end of the crusher should be adjusted at any time according to the different materials to prevent the jam and increase the crushing amount.


2.Mixer(take paddle mixer as case)

The double-shaft paddle mixer consists of a casing, a rotor, a cover, a discharge structure and a transmission device. The machine has two rotors rotating in the opposite direction, the rotor is composed of the main shaft, the paddle shaft and the paddle. The paddle shaft and the main shaft cross as "十", the blade is welded to the blade shaft at a special angle. On the one hand, the material driven by the blade rotates along the inner wall of the machine slot and moves to the other end.

Matters needing attention when using mixer:

1) after the spindle rotation is normal, the additive should be added after the main material enters half of the batch, and the oil should be injected into the machine after all the dry material enters, and then mixed for a period of time before discharging;

2) when the machine is not in use, no grease should be retained in the grease-adding pipeline to avoid clogging the pipeline after solidification;

3) when materials are mixed, metal impurities are not allowed to be mixed, which will damage rotor blades;

4) if the machine is stopped during use, the machine should be drained of material before starting the motor;

5) if the discharge door is leaking, check the contact between the discharge door and the casing sealing seat, if the discharge door is not closed properly, adjust the position of the travel switch or adjust the bottom adjusting nut of the discharge door, or replace the sealing strip.


3.Ring die pellet mill

Pelleting machine is the key equipment in the production process of each feed factory, also can be said to be the heart of the feed factory. The correct use of granulator directly affects the quality of granulated products.

1) In the production process, when there is too much material entering the granulator and the electric current rises suddenly, the manual discharging mechanism must be used to discharge the material out of the granulator.

2) When the door of granulator needs to be opened, the power supply must be cut off first. After the granulator stops running completely, the door can be opened.

3) When restarting the granulator, the ring die of the granulator must be turned one circle manually before the granulator can be started.

4) When the machine breaks down, the power supply must be cut off and the machine must be shut down for elimination. It is strictly forbidden to use hands, feet, wooden bars and iron to carry out rigid elimination in operation. It is strictly forbidden to start the motor by force.

5) when the new ring die is used for the first time, new roller should be also used, and the oil material mixed with fine sand (all pass through 40-20 mesh sieve, the ratio of material to oil and sand is about 6∶2∶1 or 6∶1∶1) can be used to wash the ring die  for 10 to 20 minutes, then the ring mould can be put into normal production.

6) assist repairman to check and add oil to main motor bearing once a year

7)Assist the repairman to replace the lubricating oil 1-2 times a year for the granulator gearbox.

8) Tubular magnet must be cleaned at least 1 time per shift.

9) The steam pressure entering the conditioner jacket is not higher than 1 kgf/CM2.

10) The steam pressure entering the conditioner is in the range of 2-4 kgf/CM2(generally not less than 2.5 kgf/CM2 is suitable) .

11) Lubricate the rollers 2-3 times per shift.

12) Clean the feeder and conditioner 2-4 times a week (once a day in summer) .

13) The distance between the cutter and the ring die is generally not less than 3mm.

14) During normal production, the main motor current is strictly prohibited to exceed the rated current or overload operation.


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