Poor Quality Ring Die Has Great Influence on Pellet Mill

Jun. 20, 2020

Because of the large pellet feed production of feed enterprises, the demand for ring die of pellet mill also increases. Some small manufacturers produced ring die with poor quality also enters the market. Part of the feed enterprises is attracted by the low price. But this ring dies with poor quality processed rough, with short service life. and The important is it has the shortcomings of imitated low precision, bad concentricity, and big beating for ring die working face.

Long-term use of poor quality ring die will greatly shorten the life of pellet mill. If you buy Liangyou pellet mill,  the ring dies after the long-term operation will have different degrees of wear. If customers replace the ring dies with non-original or even inferior low price ring die, will lead to damage in the short-term or oil leakage phenomenon. The main machine will often fail, affecting the normal operation of the pellet mill, greatly affecting the benefits of the enterprise. The loss outweighs the gain.        

Poor quality ring die has great influence on pellet mill

Why does FDSP suggest not choose an inferior ring dies in the market?

1. The inferior ring die pursues the low price to sell more.  Then this determines the consideration in the material selection, which uses the low price billet as the raw material. This kind of billet molecular structure is not strict, toughness does not meet the requirements, and wear resistance is poor. The ring die made of this kind of billet is a short life, and easy to crack. FDSP original series ring die adopts imported high-carbon and high-chromium stainless steel forging blank, optimizes the content of carbon and chromium, improves its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and strength.

2. Poor quality ring die processing technology is rough, can not reach the accurate precision. For example, as long as there are more than a dozen wire errors in the processing of the combination surface of the ring die and the hoop, the hoop will not tighten the ring die, leading to the shaking and friction of the central die during the high-speed operation of the pellet mill. The hoop and the empty shaft drive wheel will be damaged at the same time, and the mill will vibrate.

3. The processing of a high-quality ring dies for feed is difficult to copy. FDSP original series of ring die uses an imported gun drill and multi-station group drill, die hole molding, high finish; At the same time, the use of microscope inspection ensures the high quality of products, ensures the efficiency of granulation, and shaping smooth. The product is beautiful in appearance and high in quality, which improves the market competitiveness of feed enterprises.

4. Small ring die factory is very difficult to have some advanced equipment, generally, they use pit type furnace quenching method, ring dies made of this equipment list after quenching hardness, deformation coefficient is larger, ring dies easy, not round. In the running of the pellet mill, rollers will frequently impact the ring die. The vibration noise increases, but yield reduces, which seriously causes a pelleting machine not to work properly.FDSP adopts vacuum furnace heat treatment technology to ensure the quality and service life of the ring die.

A part of the pelletizer dies and accessories will have a great impact on the operation efficiency, quality, output of the whole equipment. It is recommended to choose FDSP high-quality standard ring die, which can help you for a long time safe, efficient, low consumption production. In addition, we can design and customize various dies according to customers' equipment craft, formula, and pellet quality requirements and can customize pellet mill dies, rollers, and other accessories from different countries, different models, different materials, and different industries.

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