Problems and solutions of scraper conveyor in use

Jan. 29, 2021

Problems and solutions of scraper conveyor in use

I. Not operating at full capacity

One of the problems encountered in the use of scraper conveyor is not full load operation. Its conveying volume is determined by the cross-sectional area of the transported material and the chain speed. Generally speaking, if a conveyor has a conveying volume problem, nothing more than these two factors. To solve this problem, first of all, the conveying capacity of the conveyor must be accurately measured. If the scraper conveyor can not reach the rated conveying volume, you can find the reasons from the following aspects, so as to find a solution of the problem.

1)Check the speed of the scraper conveyor

Check the conveyor is operating at drive shaft speed. During installation and maintenance, the chute on the drive device may be installed incorrectly, or the chain and sprocket pitch on the drive device may be inconsistent, allowing the conveyor to operate at less than the rated speed.

2)Check the material thickness in the scraper conveyor

There are some reasons for the material thickness not reasonable: one is the installation of the conveyor tilt angle is not reasonable, and usually the designed conveyor can only run within a certain slope range is the best. Another reason is due to the conveyor feeding is not smooth or insufficient, such as the feeding equipment does not match, the feeding door is not normal, or the feeding port has obstacles. According to different reasons, take corresponding measures to increase the thickness of material and feed uniformity.

II. Prevent the material accumulated 

For the scraper conveyor discharged in the middle, the accumulation of material is another big problem in use. Scraper conveyor can be designed into a plurality of intermediate unloading points, but a plurality of intermediate unloading points make the possibility of material accumulation greatly increased, and finally make the material plug the head of the conveyor and cause cross pollution. Here are a few measures to deal with the accumulation problem. 

①Try to lengthen the length of the middle discharge port, so that the material has enough time to be unloaded before reaching the end of the discharge port. The length of the discharge port varies with the thickness of the material and the speed of the chain. Generally speaking, it is better to have a longer discharge port. Most typical discharge ports (grain delivery) should be over 60cm in length. In addition, the transition part under the discharge door should not obstruct the passage of the material.

②If in order to increase the conveying capacity of the scraper conveyor, the chain speed is increased, and the discharge port is also lengthen.

③A scraper conveyor with an intermediate discharge port should generally be installed on the chain with some return hopper. A small amount of grain or feed cannot be unloaded in the middle port but is transferred to the head of the conveyor where the material will eventually accumulate if the door to the head is closed. The return hopper scrapes the material that does not go down and carries it to the end of the conveyor, where it is transferred to the discharge port again.

Scraper conveyor is the general equipment of large feed factory. Careful maintenance and use of scraper conveyor can greatly reduce the failure, thus improving the continuity of feed factory production and improving the production efficiency of the whole processing process.

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