Quality protection measures of feed raw materials

Jan. 28, 2021

1. Control the moisture content of raw materials

Moisture is an important index for safe storage of feed raw materials, high moisture content is easy to cause mould and insect pollution, produce a lot of mycotoxins, worsen feed quality, and cause diseases of livestock and poultry. Under normal conditions, if moisture could be controlled under than 10% ~ 13% ,most microorganisms and insects could be prevented .

Because of economic reasons, many raw materials can not reach the degree of drying, so the raw materials must be strictly controlled moisture content, or the use of fungicides to control mold breeding is also an effective measure. Fungicides can not remove mycotoxins from raw materials, so mould control measures must be developed before mould contamination occurs.


2. The feed material warehouse should be kept well ventilated, dry and out of light

Ventilation, drying and hiding from light are the conditions that should be provided in a feed raw material warehouse. The rapid growth of moulds is influenced by temperature and humidity. When the temperature and humidity are too high, moulds will multiply and multiply rapidly, producing large amounts of mycotoxins, deterioration of feed quality. Therefore, the humidity of feed material warehouse should be controlled below 65% . To avoid light is to ensure that the feed nutrients are not destroyed. In order to reduce moisture content in the warehouse, we can take some effective measures to change, such as storage type, warehouse design.

3. Sterilize and deinsectization

The raw materials stored in the warehouse are easy to be contaminated by insects. In addition to biting and contaminating feed, insects also increase the temperature and humidity. Insects are very sensitive to temperature changes. The optimum temperature for insect reproduction is about 29 °C, when the temperature is below 15.5 °C, the reproduction is slow or even stopped. When the temperature is 41 °C or higher, it is difficult to grow and reproduce. Therefore, regular pest control to ensure that the feed storage period.

Microorganisms are also a source of contamination of feed raw materials, such as silkworm chrysalis, meat and bone meal, fish meal and bone meal, and other animal protein feeds, these easy to be contaminated and invaded by microorganisms of raw materials can be regularly formaldehyde solution plus potassium permanganate sealed fumigation, so that can achieve prevention and pest control effect.


4. Store fats and oils in a sealed container with antioxidants

Oil as energy for feed raw materials, contain high unsaturated fat, prone to oxidation. In order to prevent oil from oxidation and rancidity during storage, it is necessary to find out the main cause of rancidity of oil, which contains high unsaturated fat, the reason why oil is easy to be oxidized, rancidity occurs because of the change of environmental conditions, such as light, temperature and humidity changes, will cause its oxidation rancidity. Oil feed raw materials protein, vitamins and fat content is high, its surface without a protective layer, when there is a strong light, high temperature and high humidity environment will rapidly oxidation rancidity. Therefore, avoiding light, low temperature and low humidity is one of the main measures to prevent the deterioration of oil feed materials. In addition, some oil feed materials can also be added antioxidants to prevent the occurrence of oxidation, which is also an effective method. 

5. Keep the grain integrity of feed material

For some granular feed, in order to avoid loss of feed nutrients in storage, to maintain its particle integrity, do not go through grinding, sieving, because the higher the degree of grinding, the more serious the loss of nutrients. Maintain its own properties, so that its own nutrients, such as protein, vitamins and fat content does not change. Therefore, the security of feed production is ensured and the healthy growth of livestock and poultry is guaranteed.

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