Single Layer Drum Dryer

Jan. 31, 2021

Single Layer Drum Dryer

There is our LYHG Series Single Layer Drum Dryer.


Wide range of application: biomass raw materials such as wood chips, wood chips, wood powder, and other fibrous, lumpy, and agglomerated powders.

The roller ring and the retaining wheel support adopt a fully cast structure, which has high strength, stable operation, good wear resistance, and long service life.

According to the different materials, the middle screw conveyor can be selected for feeding, or the top feeding can be selected.

The cylinder body and the input and output ends are sealed with elastic wear-resistant steel plates, with long service life and easy assembly.

The specially designed lifting plate in the barrel has a reasonable layout, so that the material and the hot air are perfectly mixed, with little margin and a good drying effect.

Reasonable discharging structure to separate hot air and materials high efficiently.

Adopt insulated cotton with high-temperature resistance for the outer cylinder to reduce heat loss.

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Single Layer Drum Dryer

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