Some Precautions in Operation of Pellet Mill

Aug. 27, 2020

Some Precautions In Operation Of Pellet Mill

As the core equipment in the production line, the pellet mill is very important for daily operation and maintenance. Today, FDSP shares some daily considerations with you.

Lubricate the driving part of the pellet mill regularly, lubricate the press roller bearing every 2 hours, lubricate the spindle front bearing every 4 hours, ensure the flexible rotation of the driving part of the pellet mill, and reduce the working load.

The lubricating oil in the gearbox of the pellet mill should be replaced regularly. The oil should be replaced once after the new machine runs for half a month. In the future, the oil must be replaced once every 1000 hours, which can extend the service life of the gear.

It is necessary to carefully check whether the connection parts of each part are loose and whether the travel safety switch works reliably once a week. At the same time, it is necessary to clean up the feeding screw and the conditioner to avoid mechanical failure.

Check the wear condition of the transmission key and the lining of the die and the roller every half a month, and replace in time when worn to avoid the sway of the die and affect the output.

Use a high-quality ring die and rollers. It is forbidden to use the poor ring die which is out of the circle and with a rough inner hole. The compression ratio of the ring die is selected according to different formulations to ensure smooth ring die discharge and avoid increasing power consumption and reducing production capacity.

Adjust the gap between ring die and roller per shift. In the case of machine blocking, it is necessary to loosen the roller, clear the inner wall material of the die, and adjust the clearance of the die and roller again. It is absolutely impossible to start the machine forcibly, so as to avoid damage to the driving part and bearing guard due to violent vibration.

Prevent overload production. During the production process, the working capacity of the pellet mill itself cannot be exceeded, otherwise motor damage and accelerated wear of components will occur, shortening the service life of the pellet mill.

The raw materials must be removed iron and impurities, and the removal device should be cleaned once per shift to avoid foreign matter entering the ring die working chamber, causing vibration of the fuselage and cracking of the ring die.

Correct operation and pay attention to the maintenance of pellet mill is the key to extend the working life of pellet mill, which is to strengthen the management of equipment in peacetime, the benefit of the enterprise will be significantly increased.

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