Standard use and daily maintenance of mixer

Dec. 10, 2020

Standard use and daily maintenance of mixer

Mixer is a relatively simple feed processing equipment, but the daily use of improper operation will also affect the performance of equipment and feed product quality. In order to help customers to popularize the use and maintenance of mixer knowledge, to give full play to the best performance of mixer, here we will talk about the paddle mixer daily operation and use of maintenance.

One: Follow the principle of “ two no more than”

1.The quantity loading material for each batch can not exceed the maximum batch mixing quantity allowed by the mixer

2.The volume must not exceed the maximum batch volume allowed by the mixer

Proper charging is the precondition to ensure mixing quality. Too much charging will lead to the overload of the mixer and the damage of the equipment. At the same time, it will affect the mixing process of the materials in the mixer and reduce the mixing quality. Too less charging will reduce the efficiency of mixer which will also affect the mixing quality.

Second: Assign proper mixing time for wet and dry

For Batch Mixers, proper mixing time is of paramount importance. If the mixing time is too short, the material can not be fully mixed, and the mixing quality can not be guaranteed. If the mixing time is too long, the material can be over-mixed, sometimes resulting in grading, which affects the mixing quality, reduces the production efficiency and increases the energy consumption.

According to the experience, the dry mixing time of the paddle mixer should be no less than 40 seconds to ensure that the material can be mixed evenly before oil spraying; the filling time should be no more than 60 seconds and the wet mixing time should be no less than 20 seconds.

Third: the proper loading sequence

When the particle size of various materials have significant differences, the large particle usually will be added to mixer first, and the smaller particle added later. When the density of the material has a big difference, generally material with small density will be added first, then material with large density. When there will be liquid mixed, should first put in all powder and mixed for a period of time then adding liquid components, and finally mix it with powder evenly.

Fourth: maintenance 

Through the maintenance of the equipment can make all kinds of performance indicators remain intact, improve its operational efficiency, extend its service life, so that enterprises to obtain long-term production benefits.

The routine maintenance of the paddle mixer mainly includes:

(1) add lubricating grease to the bearing of the mixer on a 3-month cycle;

(2) regularly check the oil level of gear reducer for 2 months, add or replace if necessary;

(3) check the tension and wear of chains and belts in chain or belt drives for 1 month at regular intervals and adjust or replace them if necessary;

(4) when the paddle in the mixer are assembled, check the clearance between the paddle and the case every month, and adjust the wear in time;

(5) weekly cleaning of the accumulated residues on the trough and rotor components of the machine;

(6) every half a month to clean the grease add pipeline in the filter screen, remove impurities.

The above suggestions may be adjusted according to their actual use. In order to get the best use effect, we need to standardize the use of equipment while doing the daily maintenance work, so as to bring the best efficiency guarantee to the whole production.

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