Strengthening dust control in feed mill to effectively prevent dust accidents

Dec. 12, 2020

There are many reports on dust explosion in feed enterprises. The control of dust in feed enterprises directly affects the safety of production. Here’s a look at some of the applications and strategies for dust control.

First of all, there are two factors that cause the dust in the workshop: first, the design and installation of facilities and equipment is not reasonable; second, the feed plant is lack of equipment maintenance, so that the good performance of the equipment did not play the role of dust removal.

1) Unreasonable design

Dust removal equipment includes dust collector, dust cover, air duct and so on. The design is unreasonable as follows: First, the air volume is insufficient. Some enterprises in order to save equipment costs, so they use low-capacity dust collection equipment. Second, the air network pipe is too long and with too much bend, wind pipe size with inappropriate. All the dedusting ports can not get the ideal dedusting effect. Third, the dust cover setting is not reasonable. intake, packaging port of the dust cover is too small, dust surface can not meet the requirements, height and location of the installation is not appropriate, directly affect the dust effect.

2) unreasonable  installation

One is the lack of air vend for batching bins. Second, batching scales soft connection is too sealed. Third, the quality of the production equipment is poor, and some conveying equipment has poor sealing and serious powder leakage; dust removal equipment often breaks down; the pulse filter does not have a cleaning door, and more than 20 fixed darts need to be loosened to replace the cloth bag, normal maintenance simply can not be implemented and so on.


In order to effectively control the dispersion of dust, dust removal points must be selected where dust is most likely to be generated:

Intake: it will be very easy to make dust during material loading, so we can set one pulse filter for each intake and installed directly on the dumping hopper.  This can be used as a feed dust, also can be used as air suction for bucket elevator base, to achieve material loading and dust removal at same time.

Hammer mill: usually the outlet of the hammer mill is connected with a pulse filter(or cylone + pulse filter) , which can realize the problem of suction and dust removal at the same time, and is beneficial to improve the efficiency of the hammer mill.

manual adding point: as the additives are less and  not easy to participate in automatic batching,  it need to be added separately in the production process. This dust is characterized by fine particle size, easy dust, dust material can be used, so we can use a manual feeding trolley, it can not only realize the addition of additives, but also solve the problem of dust leakage and recycling, and effectively ensure the quality of feed products.

Premix feed packing: Too much Dust, dust material can be used, need to set a separate pulse filter, dust cover will be made according to the field conditions.

bins:All kinds of feed bins in large and medium-sized feed mills are high, and the dust is easy to fly when the materials enter the silos, so negative pressure facilities should be set up to deal with them. For the Combined Silo Group, the uplifted dust can be collected through one or two suction points through the communication of the upper part of the silo. The general practice is to set 1 point in the crushing Bin, 2 points in the batching Bin, 1 point in the granulating Bin and 1 point in the finished product bin. Suction capacity can be determined according to the size of the bins, and then the configuration of pulse dust collector. Use the way of air vent, should be timely check whether the filter bag is damaged and bonded.

other points: on the aspects of raw material cleaning, mixer air return hole, pellet package, the air vent should be designed and combined with the air pipe system

FDSP suggests that the feed enterprises should consider equipment supplier with high technical level, good quality to make the design and install the dust removal equipment, do not covet low-cost, poor technology equipment.

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