The 3 major steps for daily maintenance of feed hammer mill

Dec. 31, 2020

Grinding is a process with high energy consumption in feed mill, takes up for more than 30%. The daily maintenance of feed, hammer and screen of feed mill is conducive to improving the efficiency of mill, reducing energy consumption and saving processing cost.

1.The repair and replacement of screen

When the screen is worn or broken down by foreign matter, if the damage area is not large, riveting or tin welding can be used to repair; If it is extensive damage, a new screen should be replaced. At the same time, according to the particle size of the crushed material to select the corresponding screen hole screen. When installing the screen, should make the screen hole with burr face inward, smooth face outward, screen piece and screen frame to fit closely. When the hammer slices are installed, the lap lining stubble should follow the rotation direction to prevent the material from getting stuck at the lap.


2. The lubrication and replacement of bearing

The bearing should be cleaned after every 300 hours of operation.If the bearing is lubricated with oil.When adding new oil to fill the bearing seat gap 1/3 is appropriate, not more than 1/2, before the operation only need to tighten the lid of the oil cup.When the crusher bearing is seriously worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time, and pay attention to strengthen lubrication;If tapered roller bearings are used, check the axial spacing of the bearings to keep it at 0.2-0.4mm. If there is any discomfort, it can be adjusted by adding or removing the paper pad at the bearing cover.


3. The adjustment and replacement of hammer slices

1) The hammer slices of the hammer mill are arranged in a symmetrical manner. When installing the hammer slices, they must be arranged strictly in accordance with the requirements. The weight difference between the corresponding two groups of hammer slices shall not be more than 5 grams.

2) If the sharp angle of the hammer is blunt, it can be used in reverse direction (positive and negative rotation can make both sharp angles of the hammer slices wear at the same time every day). If the hammer blade has been worn, turn around and use. When turning around, all hammers should be carried out simultaneously to maintain the balance of the rotor.

3) After the four corners are worn out, new hammers should be replaced. The arrangement of the hammer slices should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions, and each group of hammer slices should be weighed.

4) In the late stage of hammer slices wear, due to uneven wear, the hammer mill will lose its balance and the vibration will intensify. At this time, the static balance of the rotor should be corrected, and the hammer slices should be recombined or replaced with a new hammer slices.




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