The Hidden Danger Of Feed Processing Machine

Nov. 27, 2020

Although the use of feed processing machine tends to be popular, due to the design defects of the feed processing machine, improper maintenance, and use, the feed materials contain hard impurities, especially metals, minerals, and other impurities, which bring hidden dangers to the use of feed processing machine. The feed processing machine manufacturer will elaborate on the development status of feed processing machinery and put forward the most common safety hazards for feed processing machinery.

1. The development status of feed processing machines

With the increase in the types of feed machinery products, the current feed machinery industry has developed from single equipment to complete equipment, from only producing compound feed processing equipment to diversified integrated equipment, including the production of concentrates, premixes, and resource development equipment. At the same time, we carry out international technical exchanges and international cooperation with foreign countries, through the introduction of advanced technology, greatly improve product performance, and basically reach or exceed the level of similar international products.

At present, on the whole, the feed machinery industry is still in the transitional stage from traditional to mechanization, automation, and intensification. The expansion of the feed processing scale and the development of large-scale grouping can increase the technical content of production equipment accordingly. Nowadays, the research input of the feed machinery industry is small and the research investment is small, which is far inferior to the research efforts of other industries, which restricts the rapid development of the feed machinery industry.

Feed Processing Machine

2. The safety hazards of feed processing machines

1) The flywheel lacks a safety shield. If the flywheel of the feed processing machine does not have a safety protection cover, the staff can easily cause work clothes to be twisted into the high-speed rotating belt because of sloppy and carelessness, and foreign objects falling on the belt will also be thrown to the presence of the high-speed belt. Staff, causing unnecessary injuries.

2) The length of the bearing plate of the feed inlet is unreasonable. Due to the unreasonable length of the load-bearing plate of the feed inlet, the raw materials transmitted by the automatic feeder contain metal, especially iron impurities, such as screws, gaskets, iron blocks, and other feeds that quickly enter the grinder, and may be broken. Screens, hammers, and heavy, directly penetrate the body, which will pose a serious threat to the lives of workers.

3) There is no dust-proof cover at the small material inlet. The small feed port puts some finer raw materials, such as mineral additives, vitamin additives, etc., before these raw materials enter the Mixer Machine, it is easy to cause dust to be absorbed by the human body. Long-term large amounts of inhalation will cause chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, and other discomfort symptoms. , It will seriously affect your health.

4) High-temperature burns. In the process of feed processing, the puffing equipment must be carried out in the internal environment of high temperature and high humidity, and the high-temperature steam pipeline needs to be connected. Due to the design and arrangement of the pipeline or the chaotic installation on site, the steam or high-temperature water pipeline is often exposed. , Causing personal burns and other accidents. At the same time, the internal temperature of the equipment such as conditioning and extrusion is high, and the temperature of the surface or the discharge door is extremely high, which is also very easy to cause high-temperature burns.


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