Pay Attention to the Maintenance of Ring Die Pellet Mill to Extend Its Service Life

Jul. 06, 2020

Pelletizing is the core process of the feed mill production process, and it is also a process with high energy consumption, making up for more than 40% of the feed mill energy consumption. The improvement and innovation of the transmission box, feeding system, ring die, and conditioner of pellet mill are beneficial to improve the granulator's pelleting efficiency and reduce energy consumption, thus reducing the feed processing cost. FDSP Poultry Ring Die Pellet Mill is beautiful in appearance, strong and durable, high in yield, 15% more efficient than traditional belt type pelleting machine, and is the preferred pelleting equipment for feed enterprises at present.

Poultry Ring Die Pellet Mill

FDSP series ring die pellet feed machine is small in size, power saving, low noise, feeding can be regulated, with features of compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance. Users strengthen the daily keep and maintenance, can constantly improve the life of pelletizer, make it a long time for you to create benefits.

I. Daily maintenance

11. Remove the remaining materials in the cavity of the ring die frequently.

2. Before each shift of production, fill the oil mark on the eccentric shaft of the two rollers with lubricating oil.

3. Frequently check whether the inner wall clearance between the roller and the ring die is in normal condition.

4. Check the tightness of triangular tapes frequently and adjust them timely.

5. Frequently clean the floating dust and dirt on the surface of the equipment.

II. Timely maintenance in case of failure

1. No particles are produced when the machine is switched on. Check whether the hole is normal, if not, you can use a hand electric drill to get through the hole. Pay attention to the water content of the mixed material, and adjust the gap between the inner wall of the ring die and the roller, etc.

2. Low particle forming rate. The reason is that the moisture content of the material is too low. Water content for the powder material should be raised.

3. Pellet surface roughness. Pay attention to the oil adding of material, circular extrusion to run in so that it reaches the specified degree of finish.

4. Production is too low. If the feeding is not enough, the opening degree of the feeder gate can be improved. If the ring die inner wall and the roller clearance is too large, the clearance can be adjusted to 0.15 mm or so. If the powder caked inside of the ring die, clear the caking inside of the ring die.

5. The host machine suddenly stops. Check the fuse to clear the material in the ring die and reduce the feed amount accordingly. If foreign matter is mixed in the material, stop the machine immediately, and remove it.

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the feed machines to ensure long-term stable work production which can solve a lot of worries for you. For further technical advice, please feel free to contact us.

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