The Working Principle and Use of the Private Chat Processing Machinery

Jun. 16, 2020

Hammer Mill Grinder1 Working principle and attention of feed grinder

working principle :

Hammer Mill Grinder is widely used in rural areas, and there are many models. According to its main structure, it can be divided into the tangential feeding type and axial feeding type. The structure of the two hammer mills is basically the same. Feed crusher is mainly composed of hopper, rotor, hammer, sieve, agitator, and discharge hopper. The working process is to pour the processed materials into the hopper, enter the crushing chamber through the lower insert plate, and the flow regulating plate on the feed hopper, and the materials are crushed under the repeated impact and friction of the hammer piece. Leaking from the sieve hole to the mixer, the thicker ones will continue to be crushed repeatedly by hammers. If you need to add other powders, such as bran, you can open the upper cover of the mixer and put it in, and then continue to mix to let the mixed feed Discharge from the discharge port. Before use, check whether each part of the machine is in good technical condition. At the same time, pay attention to teach that there should be no stones or metal debris in the crushed materials to avoid damage to the machine. Idle before running for 2~3min to check whether the machine is reliable. During work, the feeding amount of materials should be appropriate and uniform. It is strictly forbidden to push the materials into the hopper by hand or iron stick. When necessary, only use wooden sticks to help feed.

After the material is fed, it should be idling for 2 to 3 minutes and then stopped to facilitate the removal of the remaining materials in the machine. After the hammers are worn, the whole set should be replaced, and pay attention to keeping the original arrangement of the hammers, and they must not be installed incorrectly to ensure the balance when the rotor rotates. The basic structure of the tooth claw crusher is mainly composed of the machine body, the movable tooth disc, the fixed tooth disc of the valve, the screen, and the feeding parts. Its working process is that the processed material is dropped into the crushing chamber by the hopper through the control ram and enters the gap between the moving gear plate and the fixed gear plate rotating at a high speed, and the material passes through the saw teeth on the moving gear plate and the fixed gear plate. The claws on the top are constantly being hit, ground, and shredded.

 Chicken feed crumbler

Note on use:

Chicken feed crumbler is a convenient and practical, versatile, and efficient agricultural equipment, is an indispensable equipment in the feed processing industry. When using the pulverizer, in addition to strictly operating in accordance with the requirements of the product manual, the following points should also be emphasized: The motor of the pulverizer must be reliably grounded to avoid unnecessary accidents. After installation, check the tightening of the fasteners and tighten them if loose. It is necessary to check whether the belt tightness is proper and whether the motor shaft and the crusher shaft are parallel. When using the pulverizer, the power must be selected according to the specified matching power, and the speed of the main shaft of the various types of pulverizers must be strictly selected to match the speed of the supporting power. The speed of the main shaft must not be increased.

2 Working principle and attention of guillotine

Straw Shredder is mainly used for cutting forage. Forages that can be cut include grain grass, straw, wheat straw, corn straw, and green forage.

working principle :

The main working part of the guillotine is the cutter. According to the cutter classification, it can be divided into two categories: drum-type straw cutter and a disc-type straw cutter. The drum type guillotine uses the shearing action of the drum cutter (moving knife) and fixed bottom knife (fixed knife) to cut the forage into the broken pieces. The model has a compact structure and is easy to use and adjust. The drum type is mostly used for small guillotine machines. The disc-type guillotine uses a cutter fixed on the disc to cut with the fixed bottom knife, and then the wind force formed by the rotating disc throws the cut grass into a distance. The disc type is mostly used for large and medium-sized straw cutters.

The drum type guillotine machine is mainly composed of upper and lower feeding rollers (some small models do not have this device, they are fed directly by hand), roller cutters, fixed bottom knives, and transmission mechanisms. The drum-type guillotine can be driven by a motor, a diesel engine, or a small tractor, and the shaft of the guillotine drum's main shaft should be consistent with the speed specified in the instruction manual strictly according to a certain transmission ratio. At the same time, after the deceleration of the transmission mechanism, the upper and lower feeding rollers also rotate relatively, the forage is clamped and fed, and then is cut by the high-speed rotating drum cutter and fixed bottom knife to form a fragment. The feeding speed of the feeding roller determines how long the forage is cut by the guillotine. Feed fast and cut long; feed slowly and cut short. Generally, several pairs of gears are replaced according to the instruction manual, and the feed roller speed is adjusted to change the length of the chopped grass.

Note on use:

When working, the safety protection equipment must be complete. The operator must fully understand the performance of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to start up when drunk, sick, or excessively fatigued. People and objects should not be close to the operating parts during work. The working area of the guillotine machine should be spacious and equipped with fireproof equipment. When feeding grass, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding hopper, and it is strictly forbidden to extend both hands into the protective hood of the feeding hopper. Strictly prevent wooden rods, metal objects, masonry, etc. from entering the machine by mistake to avoid damage to the machine. Must work at the specified speed, Overspeed and overload operations are strictly prohibited. When replacing the fasteners of moving and fixed blades, it is necessary to use 8.8-grade bolts and 8-grade nuts, and it is not allowed to replace them with low-grade bolts and nuts. If an abnormal sound is found, stop, and check immediately. The power must be cut off before inspection, and it is forbidden to remove the fault while the machine is running.

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