What is the cause of pellet machine low output?

Jun. 26, 2021

What is the cause of pellet machine low output?cid=12

Pellet mill sometimes have symptoms of no discharge or discharge difficulties, low yield, etc, which makes many inexperienced users do not know how to deal with these situations. In summary, there are two major aspects to impact of this discharge problem or production low output problem, one is that the machine itself is not adjusted well, and the second is that the raw materials of the pressed particles are not well matched. The machine itself is mainly found the problems in the ring die and the roller.

Reasons for the low yield of the pellet mill:

1. If a new ring die is used, first check whether the compression ratio of the ring die matches the processed material, the compression ratio of the ring die is too large, the resistance of the powder material through the die hole is large, the particle after pressure is too hard, and the yield is low; If the mold compression ratio is too small, the particles will not be formed. The ring die compression ratio must be re-checked and check the smoothness of the inner hole of the ring die and whether the ring die is out of round. The inferior ring die is due to rough inner hole of the ring mold and the ring mold is out of round which leads the discharge resistance is large, the particles are not smooth, and the discharge is difficult, and the output is lower. Therefore, a high-quality ring mold must be used.

2. If the ring die is used for a period of time, it is necessary to check whether the inner hole of the ring die is worn or not, and whether the roller is worn, if the wear is serious, the ring die can be repaired, the worn cone hole is re-bored, and the wear roller must be replaced. Hole wear of ring die has a large impact on yield.

3. The gap between the ring die and the pressure roller needs to be adjusted correctly. The general spacing of the livestock and poultry production is about 0.5mm. The spacing is too small, which will cause the pressure roller to rub the ring die and shorten the service life of the ring die. If the spacing is too large, the pressure roller will slip, the yield is reduced.

4. Pay attention to the quality and time of raw materials conditioning, especially to control the water content of raw materials before entering the machine, the water content of raw materials before conditioning is generally 13%, if high water content, raw materials after conditioning will have high water content (moisture ≥16%), will appear in mold slip phenomenon, not easy to discharge.

5.To check the distribution of raw materials in the ring mold, do not let the raw materials run unilateral, if such similar situation is happen, must adjust the size of feeding scraper position, so that the raw materials in the ring mold evenly distributed, which can not only extend the service life of the ring mold, but also more smooth discharge.

6.Excessive moisture content of materials will directly affect the molding rate and yield of pressed particles. Therefore, the humidity measurement instrument can be used to test the raw material before entering the machine to check whether the humidity of the material is in the reasonable pelleting range. To make the machine efficient and high output, every link of the work must be adjusted.

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