Process specification of three-line FZLH420 pig manure bio-organic fertilizer

Pig manure bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of biological organic manure that is mixed with pig manure.after fermentation, compost, pre-treatment, and finally make into biomass fertilizer.

Flow process diagram:

Three - line FZLH420 pig manure bio-organic fertilizer flow process

Fermentation and compost process→pre-treatment process→grinding process→mixing process→pelleting and bagging process

Process specification of three-line FZLH420 pig manure bio-organic fertilizer

Flow process brief introduction

Three Line FZLH420 pig biological organic fertilizer production line is by using of pig manure to mix with some halm, straw, sawdust, or kitchen waste and other organic compounds on composting, fermentation, drying after pre-treatment, again into the processing workshop, through crushing, mixing, granulation, cooling, packaging section after processing, biological organic fertilizer, when the whole line to produce 6 tons of organic fertilizer granules, equipment total power is about 750 kw, the workshop covers an area of 4000 ㎡, contain raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse; The design of the whole line is compact, reasonable, meets the requirements of environmental protection, and can be directed according to customer requirements.

Supporting equipment includes: fermentation tiller, organic fertilizer grinder, drum cleaning screen, drum dryer, hammer blade grinder, blade mixer, ring die pellet mill, pendulum cooler, packing scale and other equipment.

Raw Material

The main raw material of Pig manure bio-organic fertilizer is pig manure.

Pig manure contains 15% of organic matter, 0.5% of nitrogen, 0.5-0.6% of phosphorus, 0.35-0.45% of potassium.Due to the large amount of nitrogen, the carbon nitrogen ratio is relatively small, about 14:1, which is generally easy to be decomposed by microorganisms and release nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by crops.The humus content of pig dung is the highest, and the amount of positive ion is the largest, and the fertilizer is the strongest, but the water content is more, the cellulose decomposition bacteria is less, and the mixture of a small amount of horse dung is applied to inoculate the cellulose decomposition bacteria, which can greatly increase the fertilizer effect.

The working process is as follows

Fermentation and compost process

A aerobic fermentation and a secondary anaerobic fermentation

A good oxygen fermentation, good stir ingredients into 1.5 meters to 2 meters wide, 0.8 meters to 1.2 meters high, length not less than three meters, pay attention to the appropriate fermentation process of oxygen and turns heaps (when temperature reaches 75 ℃ or above should be turned over several times),  temperature control within 65 ℃, high temperature have an effect on nutrient.Composting for 2 days temperature raises, 3 days odorless, 7 days loose, 9 days fragrant, 10 days into fertilizer.

Second anti - itch fermentation is called after aging stage, also known as second fermentation.The materials can be decomposed after 7 days and enter the aging stage.Then it enters the pre-treatment and granulation stage in the workshop.

Compost equipment: LYLP-9, power 50.5kw, output 300 m3/h.

Pre-Treatment Process

Three - line FZLH420 pig manure bio-organic fertilizer pretreatment process

After being stored for 7 days, the organic fertilizer after good fermentation was crushed, screened and dried.

The special chain type grinder for organic manure is widely used in composting of bio-organic fermentation, composting of urban household waste, grass-mud carbon, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste and composting of livestock and poultry waste.The allowable value of water content of organic fertilizer for biological fermentation was 25 to 55%, which solved the problem of high water-containing organics comminution.

The roller cleaning screen can clean the impurities in the raw materials, including big wood blocks, stones, materials, and so on, to prevent the next process of mechanical equipment, transport equipment and other failures or damage.The primary screen is characterized by high output, less power consumption, simple structure, small space, easy maintenance and easy installation.

The roller dryer is used for drying raw materials with excessive moisture, and drying the raw materials with about 20% moisture. The granulating molding of the following sections is done once. The roller dryer adopts cast steel integral structure with high strength and stable operation.The special design and reasonable layout of the feeding plate in the drum can fully mix the materials and hot air.The outer layer of the tube is insulated to prevent heat loss and improve heat utilization.

Drying equipment: LYHG2.0*20, roller diameter 2m, length 20m, power 22kw.

Grinding Process

Three-line FZLH420 pig manure bio-organic fertilizer in the grinding process shall deliver the dried materials to the hammer mill through the conveying equipment, which is equipped with iron removing device before the hammer mill.

The hammer mill is a water drop structure with high crushing efficiency.The grinding rotor can be operated in a positive and negative way to increase the service life of the hammer blade. Adopt the direct motor drive mode, the transmission efficiency is high, the maintenance is convenient.

Grinding equipment: FFSP66*80, power 110kw, designed output 6tph.

Mixing and fungus adding process

Through the micro-element adding hopper, the fungus seeds and raw materials can be added to the mixing machine for mixing, after evenly mixed, enters the next section.

Single shaft paddle type mixer is suitable for high mixing uniformity and low residue organic or inorganic compound fertilizer;The mixer can be made of stainless steel, with specially designed sealing and blade arrangement.

Hybrid equipment: SDHJ2, power: 22kw, design output: 2m3/batch

Pelleting and bagging process

Three-line FZLH420 pig manure bio-organic fertilizer is fed uniformly by the pellet mill feeding screw in the pelleting process, the pellet mill is fed continuously, the pellet is cooled by the cooler, and the finished pellet is automatically weighed, packed and transported to the warehouse.

The main shaft of the pellet mill is driven by high intensive gear, and the ring die is the fast unloading hoop type. The efficiency is about 20% higher than the belt type. High-quality imported bearings and oil seals are used in the integral transmission to ensure high efficiency, stability and low noise.The internationally advanced compensative snake spring coupling has the performance of new structure, compact, safe and low fault performance.

The cooler uses the counter-flow cooling principle to cool the pellet with high temperature and high humidity, which avoids the sudden cooling phenomenon caused by the direct contact between cold air and hot material, thus preventing the surface cracking of particle production line.Pneumatic or hydraulic push the flap discharge structure, smooth operation, low residue;The cooling box adopts an octagonal shape with observation port around it.Adopting upper and lower material level control, high degree of automation;Suitable for cooling of biological organic fertilizer particles.

The three-line FZLH420 pig manure biological organic fertilizer adopts packing scale in the packing process. According to the customer's local sales needs, the appropriate packing scale is selected to facilitate the customer to sell products. There are usually two specifications: small bag and ton bag. 20-50kg/bag for small bags, 500-1000kg/bag for ton bags. The packing scale has high automation degree, high packing accuracy, and the weighing system is a sensor measuring system with high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.

Pelleting equipment: FZLH420, power: 110kw, Design output 2tph, quantity: 3 sets.

Packing equipment: SDBLY-PD belt type scale, packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bag/min.


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