50-60TPH Cattle & Sheep feed plant with three SZLH678 pellet mill

Animal such as cattle and sheep is called ruminant Animal. Rumination means the incompletely digested food in stomach will be returned to the mouth for  chewing again after some time since ate.  Ruminant animal is the animal digest in this way. ruminant feed includes the feed for cattle, sheep, camel and etc., it also consist of  concentrated feed and completed mixed daily feed.

Process diagram:

 Three sets SZLH678 with 50-60TPH capacity cattle & sheep feed process            

50-60TPH Cattle

Introduction of process:

The features of ruminant feed( cattle & sheep feed) are coarse grinding fineness(screen hole diameter 4-8mm),low curing and conditioning requirements(pellet mill adopts single layers conditioner),finished products with big pellet diameter(pellet diameter is around 4-10mm). Three sets SZLH678 cattle & sheep feed process is with 50-60tph capacity, it adopts three grinding line, two batching & mixing line, three pelleting line and three packing line. The total equipment power is around 1670kw. The construction area of the production area is about 22.5*18*29.5m. The whole line of the 50-60TPH three set SZLH678 cattle & sheep feed line is compact in design, reasonable in structure, meeting the requirement of environmental protection, and can be customized designed according to the requirements of customers.

Process section introduction:

Raw materials receiving and cleaning section:

The function of cleaning is to clean up impurities in the raw materials, such as large impurities, including ropes, clods, corn cobs and other non-magnetic impurities and magnetic impurities such as iron nails to ensure the quality of the product and the safety of subsequent processing equipment. The raw materials receiving and cleaning section of the three sets SZLH678 with 50-60TPH capacity cattle & sheep feed line contains granules feeding & cleaning and the powder feeding & cleaning. 

Cleaning equipment:granules sifter SCY100,capacity 30-40T/H;powder sifter SQLZ90X80X110, capacity 30-50T/H.


Grinding section:

the fineness requirement for ruminant feed grinding is coarse grinding, there are six bins above the hammer mill. Before the raw materials feeding into the bin, it need to remove the impurities by magnetic separator to ensure the safe operation of hammer mill. After impurity-removed, the material enters the grinding bins for grinding. The crushed materials are then transported by a screw conveyor into a bucket elevator and introduced into the batching bin through the distributor. The crushed materials are not only transported by screw conveyor, but also equipped with an auxiliary suction system, which not only saves energy consumption, but also prevents dust from overflowing, lowering the temperature of the materials and improving the grinding efficiency.

Grinding equipment(3sets):hammer mill SFSP668*1000,160KW,capacity 18-20T/H。


Batching & mixing section:

Batching designs formulations according to the nutritional needs of different animals, using specific device to accurately weigh the various ingredients. Mixing is an operation in which various feed ingredients are metered and blended under external forces to form a uniform distribution. This section adopts four batching scale and 21 batching bins, of which the micro ingredients are manually added equipped with test scale. After batching of material ingredients is completed, they enter the mixer for mixing, and finally the material is output through the conveyor and elevator.

Weighing equipment:batching scale PCS20/PCS10,batching accuracy≤3‰。

Mixing equipment:mixer SHSJ4,30KW,2000kg per batch,capacity 25-30T/H。mixing homogeneity CV≤5%。


Pelleting section:

The function of pelleting is to make fine crushed, easy flying dust, poor tastiness and difficult-to-ship feed into pellets by the action of heat, moisture and pressure in the granulation process to improve the good tastiness of the feed and reduce the feed-meat rate. Reduce feed waste and reduce environmental pollution. In this section for the three sets SZLH678 with 50-60TPH capacity cattle & sheep feed line, we adopt three single-layer conditioner pellet mill , and 6 bins designed above the pellet mill. After granulation, pellets enter into three coolers(as there is no crumbling feed in ruminant feed so crumbler is not needed in this section), and then passed through the bucket elevator to enter the rotary screener for sifting, the finished products enter the packing bin, and the rest returns to granulation or packed.

Pellet equipment):SZLH678,220KW,capacity 20-22T/H. Cooling equipment:SKLN10,1.5+1.5+2.2KW , volume: 10m3 , capacity 20-25T/H .


Packing section:

The powder and granules in the finished products bins which needs to be packaged will be packed by automatic packing machine, finished products that do not need to be packaged will be taken away by bulk truck.

Packing equipment:belt scale, Packaging range 20-50kg/bag,6-8 bag/min.


Auxiliary section:

50-60TPH 3 set SZLH678 cattle & sheep feed line is with dust removing system in the packing section for dust removing to improve the working environments. Oil adding system in the mixing section is to improve the feed tastiness.


50-60TPH Cattle & Sheep feed plant with three SZLH678 pellet mill


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