SKJZ3000 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

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Brief introduction of processing flow:

SKJZ3000 feed set takes manual way of adding raw materials. Its designed capacity is 2-3T/H for powder feed and 1-1.5T/H for pellet feed. During the processing, raw materials need weighing ahead, and then will be put into the production line from two different feeding gates. Materials which need grinding will be put into the hammer mill from pellet feeding gate by lot. Materials which don’t need grinding will be put into the line from powder feeding gate. The materials having been mixed can either be sent directly into product bin as powder feed or be sent into pelletizing process to be pelletized and cooled to be pellet feed, which need manual scaling and packing.

The total power of this feed set is about 87kw, taking an area of 12*6*8m, equipped with 0.2T boiler. The whole feed set takes joint frame that is in tight design, reasonable structure and is eco-friendly. Also, the feed set can be specially designed according to buyers needs.

Technical Procedure:

Raw material receiving and cleaning  process——Grinding process——Mixing process——Pelletizing and  cooling process——Aauxiliary Process

SKJZ3000 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Introduction of technical features and processes

  • Raw material receiving and cleaning process:

        Pellet and powder raw materials will be put into the production line separately from two different feeding gates. Pellet raw materials will be cleaned by pre-cleaner and then put into hammer mill. Powder raw materials need cleaning ahead.

  • Grinding process:Taking FDSP tear-circle hammer milll which can make both coarse grinding and fine grinding, the feeder is combined together with the pre-cleaner which can clean the material and also feeding into the hammer mill, variable frequency control, evenly feeding and equipped with pulse filter. Mechanical induct discharging. The process is simple and with low cost, it is suitable for small capacity and multi type of material's grinding.

        Grinding machine: SFSP568-I, 22KW, designed capacity 2-3T/H.

  • Mixing process: Above the mixer, there is a bin for mixing that can make the production continuous. Materials having been mixed can be sent to bin for pelletizing or product bin, which satisfied the production need of both powder feed and pellet feed.

        Mixing machine: Double shaft paddle mixer FHSJ0.5, 5.5KW, 250KG/LOT, designed capacity 2-3T/H. Mixing evenness CV≤5%.

  • Pelletizing process: Taking one pellet mill with single conditioner which is suitable for normal poultry feed and ruminant feed production. Finished pellets will be sent into cooling and vibrating sieve and then be packed.

        Pelletizing machine: Pellet Mill SZLH25, 22KW, designed capacity 1-1.5T/H(¢3.5 ordinary chicken feed formula)

  • Cooling machine: Counter flow cooling sieve SNSZ120, designed capacity 1-2T/H.

  • Auxiliary Process: equipped with liquid adding system, oil can be added in mixer to improve the palatability of feed; equipped with air compressor, which provide compressed air for pneumatic parts of the production line.

The main equipment section
NumberDescription and typeQtyPicture

Grinding machine:

SFSP568-Ⅰhammer mill 

Power 22KW, output: 2-3t/h

1SKJZ3000 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Mixing equipment:

 SHSJ0.5 mixer

Power:5.5kw, 250kg/P, output:1-1.5t/h, homogeneity CV≤5%

1SKJZ3000 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Pelletize equipment:

SZLH25 Pellet mill  

Power: 22kw, output:1-1.5t/h.  Cooling machine: SNSZ120,output 1-2T/H

1SKJZ3000 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

According to individual needs of different buyers, the solution can be optimized:

  • Considering the small capacity demand, Instead of powder material cleaning system designed in this feed set, we choose manual pre-cleaning, but customer could require to add this cleaning system based on needs

  • There is mesh feed bins and pellet feed bins both in feed set, if customer do not need the mesh feed we can remove it.

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