SKJZ3800 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing feed machinery and engineering, we can offer customer complete machine solutions for livestock feed(pig and others) , poultry feed(chicken, duck, goose and others), ruminant feed(cattle, sheep and others), normal aqua feed(four major Chinese carps), special aqua feed(shrimp, crab and others),  extruding aqua feed(floating and sinking fish feed, shrimp and others), premix feed(including various additives), pet food(cat food, dog food and others), we can meet customers' kinds of needs.

 Brief introduction for flow process

SKJZ3800 Feed set adopts manual batching system with 2-3t/h output for mesh feed 2-3t/h output for pellet feed. The raw material should be weighed in advance before feeding into the production line through two different dumping hopper, in which the material need to be grinded should go into the hammer mill through granule inlet in batches, hammer mill use the pre-cleaner as the feeder, the material no need grinding will go into the production through powder inlet after weighed in advance, then mixed in mixer, the material after mixing can go into the FP bins directly to be mesh finished products. It can also go into the pelletizing process to be pelletized, cooled, finally packed by manual weighing. The total power of the feed set is about 117Kw, dimension is : 12x6x11m, matching 0.3T boiler.  The feed set use splicing type frame and is characterized by compact design and reasonable structure, and the satisfaction of environment protection requirements, meanwhile it can be directed to customers design.

Technological process chart:

RM receiving and cleaning process——Grinding process——Mixing process——Pelletizing and cooling process ——Auxiliary process

                                               SKJZ3800 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Technological characteristics and introductions:

  • RM receiving and cleaning process:

      Granules and powder material will be put into the production line separately though two inlet, the granules will be screened and cleaned to remove impurities by pre-cleaner, then remove the iron before it go into the hammer mill, the powder material should be cleaned in advance.

  • Grinding process:  adopts FDSP's tear circle hammer mill which can make both coarse grinding and fine grinding, the feeder is combined together with the pre-cleaner which can clean the material and also feeding into the hammer mill, variable frequency control, evenly feeding and equipped with pulse filter. Mechanical induct discharging. The process is simple and with low cost, it is suitable for small capacity and multi type of material's grinding.

       grinding machine: hammer mill SFSP568-Ⅰwith power 22KW, output: 2-3t/h

  • Mixing process:there is pre-mixing bin upper the mixer which can make the feeding continuously  when mixer working, the mixed material can go into the pre-pelleting bin and mesh feed bins separately to meet the requirement for producing mesh feed and pellet feed at same time.

       Mixing equipment: double shaft paddle mixer SHSJ0.5 with 5.5kw, 250kg/P, homogeneity CV≤5%

  • Pelletizing process: adopt one pellet mill with single conditioner which is suitable for normal poultry feed and ruminant feed production. the material go into the cooler directly after pellet mill, then go into the crumbling and screening system through bucket elevator, manual packing at last.

       Pelletizing equipment: pellet mill SZLH32 with 37kw, output:2-3t/h.( ¢3.5 normal broiler feed formula)

  • Cooling equipment: counter flow cooler SKLN2.5 with output 3-4t/h

  • Crumbler: SSLG15x80 with output 2-3t/h, it can crumble the large feed pellets into small pellets to produce small chicken grow seedling feed. the crumbler is designed with by pass system so the material can be go into the screener though by pass when no need to use crumbler.

  • Screening equipment: plan rotary screener SFJH80×2C with capacity 4-6t/h

The main equipment section
NumberDescription and typeQtyPicture

Grinding machine:

SFSP568-Ⅰhammer mill 

Power 22KW, output: 2-3t/h

1SKJZ3000 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Mixing equipment:

 SHSJ1 mixer

Power:11kw, 500kg/P homogeneity CV≤5%

1SKJZ3800 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Pelletize equipment:

SZLH32 Pellet mill  

Power: 37kw, output:2-2.5t/h.  

1SKJZ3800 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

The process can be optimized according to different customer needs:

  • Considering the small capacity demand, Instead of powder material cleaning system designed in this feed set, we choose manual pre-cleaning, but customer could require to add this cleaning system based on needs

  • There is mesh feed bins and pellet feed bins both in feed set, if customer do not need the mesh feed we can remove it.

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